Untitled Mirror 4

a film by
Helen Underwood Miller
running time
4' 35
A Fazzi Film
Helen Underwood Miller


25 April 2013. Our home on a remote hillside, Italy. Night of the full moon.

I ask Sam, who would rather be drawing, if he will carry Untitled Mirror 4 from the wall of the bathroom to the outside wall of the house. He does not ask why, but lifts his sculpture off the wall and carries it into the dusk. We position it carefully. Up a bit, left a bit. Where? There. Are you sure? Yes, I think so, I need to see sky. Then I wait, watching the silver of the mirror as it darkens. I leave the camera rolling knowing that whatever is being recorded is beyond what I can see.
A single frame captures the swoop of an owl. And as if they had been practicing, the creatures of the night begin an accompaniment. The landscape is alive with full moon voices. And so I stand in the long grass on this night in Italy, watching the camera watch the mirror watch the moon.


© Sam Orlando Miller.   Photographs and film © Helen Miller