Untitled Mirror 7

a film by
Helen Underwood Miller
running time
7' 46
A Fazzi Film
Helen Underwood Miller


February 2013. It is deep winter on our hillside, Italy. The land is wet and frozen, the horses coats grew thick. As the temperature drops further, Sam lights his furnace to smelt a pot of bronze. Working in freezing temperatures, he pours the liquid gold and it's as if we slipped back through the centuries to the first time someone cast bronze on a mountain, and what a miracle that must have been!

Snow begins to fall. The horses head for shelter and Sam cuts facets from acqua marine mirror. From this raw winter landscape a glinting work emerges.

Filmed on an iphone, the smallness of which brings me closer to Sam's work and all that is here.


© Sam Orlando Miller.   Photographs and film © Helen Miller