Rifugio dei Viandanti

a film by
Helen Underwood Miller
running time
A Fazzi film
Helen Underwood Miller


Rifugio dei Viandanti / Sanctuary of The Wayfarers

December 2017, España. The wind sways the pines and the horses' pond is full when Sam embarks on an ambitious new work. I have the feeling it will take some time. Following his process from beginning to completion, I also turn my camera towards the place where we have settled, a remote breezy plateau, 532 m altitude, lower Aragón. As winter becomes summer and the glinting work evolves, Sam tells me it contain memories of our old house, the essence of that sanctuary carried with him across Europe like an icon. Yet I can see it also contains everything compelling of here, this new-to-us but ancient land of mountains, paths and rivers where I am standing with the horses and my camera tonight.


© Sam Orlando Miller.   Photographs and film © Helen Miller